Meow, there. My name is Marshmallow the cat. I am very proud to introduce you to my
          "daddy."  His name is Donald Trausneck and we live in a nice big white house in Southwest
               Now, of course, he is not my real daddy. My real daddy was a cat. But I did not get to know
          him too well. I was only five months old when I moved in with the Trausnecks. I want to tell you
          all about them. My human daddy was born July 30, 1946, in Yonkers, New York. He came along
          almost exactly five years after his sister, Nancy, was born on August 6, 1941. Their Mom was
          Harriet, who I was proud to call Grandma.  Sadly, she passed away in 2012.  I miss her alot.
     Their daddy, Herbert Trausneck, lived until 1989, when he was 73 years old. I never
got to meet him, unfortunately, but most of the family is still around
including daddy's sister Nancy and his niece and nephew, Donna Jean with
her two young 'uns, B.J. and Ashleigh; and Jamie with his son Ian.  Sadly,
daddy's other niece Janette Mari died in 2007.  She was only 46 years old.
Her family includes her husband of 18 years, Chris, and their
two young 'uns, Joshua and Jordan.

     I kinda like these early pictures that you see at the left. The first two show my daddy and his sister, Nancy. The last one shows Grandma and my daddy's late daddy at their home in Wilson, North Carolina. They are holding daddy's little dog, Sandi. I am told she was a good dog but, still, I can just imagine her barking at me and chasing me all around the place. It kinda gives me the creeps! 
     Before I go any further with the family story, I have to tell you that my daddy is working full time for part time pay. He does not get a huge salary - mainly some compensation for his work, which is mostly volunteer. Even so, he does okay, but he still would like to get a better position. If you are a potential employer or know of one who is looking for a very hard-working dedicated individual who loves to do everything the best he knows how, then you might be interested. If you want more information on my daddy, then please just move your mouse over to my paw print below this line and click on it to bring up my daddy's resume.  

      (Boy, don't I just love to tell people to do things with their mouse...  ...makes me hungry just thinking about it!)  If you can give my daddy a job, maybe he will be able to buy me some more Meow Mix and some Pounce and catnip. WHOOPIE!

Peek A Boo. It's me again - Marshmallow the cat. I
was telling you about my human daddy and his family. Daddy
spent his early years in Yonkers, New York, but they moved
out to Long Island in the early 50's -- to a place called
Deer Park................ Oops -- I think I hear something
crawling around on the front porch. Could be a mouse! Maybe
a snake -- yecch! Gotta go. But if y'all come back soon
again, I will tell you more about the family.     

     Hi, purrrrrr, it's me - Marshmallow. As I was saying,
daddy and Grandma, along with Nancy and Herb, moved out
from the big city to Deer Park, Long Island, New York,
in the early 50s. They stayed there only about six years,
though, before going to a bigger place in Syosset, New York, when daddy and his sister Nancy had started getting too big for their Deer Park house.
     Daddy always tells me that Syosset was his favorite home of all the places he has lived. He got to know many friends there - that's where he did his growing up. He and Nancy both graduated from Syosset High School. But he did not have a chance to establish any long-term relationships after high school since their daddy moved the family south in 1965 - to Wilson, North Carolina.
     Daddy decided then he wanted to go into the United States Navy, so he enlisted in 1965 and went to basic training at Great Lakes, Illinois, two weeks after graduating from high school. After three months of "boot camp", it was off to Quartermaster training school, where he learned to be a ship's
navigator. And --- he graduated at the top of his class!
     Then it was off to his first ship, the USS Randolph, an aircraft carrier operating out of Norfolk, Virginia. It was a ship that had served our country in World War Two. After nine months on the Randolph, daddy heard that his number was called and he was off to Vietnam, where he spent 14 months in the Mekong Delta. He was on the USS Benewah, barracks flagship of the Mobile Riverine Force, for almost a year before being called to duty on the USS Mark, a light cargo ship also
operating in South Vietnam.
     After daddy's tour of duty in Vietnam was over, he completed
his four years of active duty on two more ships operating out of
Norfolk - the USS Rockbridge, a troop transport, and the USS Pocono,
another amphibious force flagship. Daddy says his favorite times in
the United States Navy were a North Atlantic cruise he made on the
Randolph and a Med Cruise on the Rockbridge. He went to places some
people only dream of, such as Bergen Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark;
Rotterdam, Holland; Portsmouth and London, England; Hamburg,
Germany; Malmo, Sweden (his grandmother's birthplace);
Edinburgh, Scotland (land of his ancestors); Izmir and Ephesus,
Turkey; Valetta, Malta; Toulon, France; Livorno, Florence and Pisa,
Italy (yes, he went up to the top of the leaning tower); and also
to places in the Caribbean Sea: St. Thomas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico
and also up to Bermuda. Italy was his favorite country to visit.
     There was also a very nice stop at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on his very first cruise. He even made it to our two newest states --- Hawaii, twice - once on the way to Vietnam and once on an R&R trip halfway through his Vietnam term - and Alaska, on the way home from Vietnam -- safely -- Thank you, God!
     Daddy loved his time in the Navy. But he also was eager to get out and try a civilian career. He started that with four years at East Carolina University, where he spent most of his time as a journalism minor (he majored in Health & Physical Education) and served as the Sports Editor of the campus newspaper for three and a half years. He graduated in 1973 with a physical education degree. After college, daddy spent 11 years as sports editor of The Eden News, which became the Eden Daily News while daddy was there.
     He came to Virginia in June of 1984 and has been at his present home longer than any other place --- more than 20 years. While here, he has worked at two discount stores and at a convenience store/truck stop as stock manager, and he has worked at two doctors' offices as a medical transcriptionist, primarily for his then personal physician, Dr. James Lynch.
     But he has spent the most time here in his work - both paid and volunteer - for the VFW. He says he really loves this. As the editor for the last 16 years of the VFW Post 1115 award-winning newsletter The Blue Ridge Bugle, daddy has helped this newspaper get many trophies as the number one rated VFW publication in the State of Virginia.
     Daddy is always saying that the biggest mistake he ever made in his life was not staying in the Navy for a career - or going back in as an officer after graduating from ECU. Now, as a very active member of a major veterans' organization, he feels he can contribute in some way to the greatest military organization the world has ever known. 

     I am now the only kitty cat in the Trausneck household. We had another
cat in the house named 'Momma Kat' and she was here first. Unfortunately she
really did not like me even though I always tried like anything to be friends
with her. Sadly, Momma Kat got old and sick and died recently.  There used to be
three other cats in the house. The family's first cat was 'Kit Kat' and I am
told that he was a really good cat, but he had feline leuk. He lived longer than
anyone thought he would, but then he got so bad they had to have my vet end his
suffering. Then came his kitten (with 'Momma') who was named 'KJ' (for 'Kit Kat
Junior'). I have been told that he was also a wonderful cat, but he was killed
when he was hit by a car back in March of 2000. 
     I am so glad daddy does not let me go outside alone.
I would probably want to chase after all the rabbits and birds
and chipmunks and squirrels in the yard and I might get too
careless out there and run out in the road. 
     This is such a good family that they even celebrate
the birthdays of their cats. Here is a picture of me blowing
out the candle on a marshmallow-topped cake daddy got for
my first birthday party back in November of 2000. Boy, was
that icing soo good !!!
     There was another feline in the family. A few months
after I arrived, Grandma took in 'Baby', an old Burmese that
belonged to the people that used to live across the street.
They kept neglecting him and he kept coming over to our house. The
neighbors finally told Grandma they didn't want him. In a way I am
glad he came over, because he knew Grandma loved and cared for all
animals - even those that did not belong to her. I really loved her
for that and I think 'Baby' had a good home. I liked him - I thought
he was a cool playmate, but over the last few years his health
really went bad and we lost him.
     As to those people across the street, why do some people
neglect some of us
felines that way? I guess I am really a lucky one!

     I am just getting so tired thinking about all of this that I think I will go
take a nap.... I may come back later and show you some more pictures and tell you
more stories but for now, good night!
  This is daddy & me. We had a rough time getting this picture taken. I just did not want to sit still long enough and I was getting restless. I think I even nibbled on his arm before the photo was snapped.
  That's my daddy, above, as a Civil War re-enactor with the 83rd Penna. Regiment.
  Below you see him - many years ago - steering a warship on the Mekong River during his year and a half in Vietnam. Boy, I'll bet that was scary! 
In loving memory
of our past cats,
Kit Kat,
KJ, Momma
and Baby:
  Just call me ol' Puss 'n Boots.
I just love to "wear" daddy's shoes
and especially play with the liners.
  Please excuse me for just a minute while I wet my whistle.